"What a pleasure it is to be working on 'Dawn to Dusk' with you. I really appreciate your creative work and input. I am thrilled with the progress of the piece."


"Cinematic in scope...epic, visual..."


"This is more than just a is a work of art!"


"A most unconventional, visionary composer...his music jumps off the celluloid!"


"Mark, working with you has been a thorough pleasure. I appreciate your attentiveness to direction, willingness to modify your initial ideas, and the sheer beauty and inventiveness of your music."


"Left to his own devices, Mercury creates the most unsettling, creepy, spooky music I've heard in a long time. Even the prettiest moments seem to mask something terrifying."


"Tu música es mágica, una melodía que, en cada nota, vibra y atrapa. Me siento elevado, y la escucho una y otra vez porque me parece imposible que exista tanta armonia, tanta dulzura y fuego a la vez."


"Everyone has been raving how well your music fits the underwater PERFECT!!!"


"We've never met but I need to thank you for your vision. Your music is so compelling and perfect for the film that I created some scenes based specifically upon its emotion. My wish is to someday meet you in person, to personally thank you for your contribution to our endeavor. Your talent is remarkable."


"Listening to the Mercury Theater: Lost in the shimmer of sound—this must be what angels hear when they go about their heavenly rummaging."


"...a sound that is at once alien and comforting...a weightlessness."


"Thank you for your beautiful 'Music of the Domes.' A wonderful spacy sound is what I like."


"The soundtrack is a fantastic show, even without the visuals!"


"These innovative tracks really lead you into the center of the galaxy. Brilliant!"


"The music Mark creates pulls me forward through time.  I listen with ever-increasing interest to see what the next note will be and where it will take me. It allows me to participate in a dynamic way—not just as a passive listener. There is communication in this music that transcends earthly 'chatter' and most definitely comforts the 'spirit.'"


"Your great ability to think visually, along with your understanding and appreciation of our subject matter, help to make your music and effects sparkle."


"Mark's compositions, orchestrations and performances were absolutely magical, and added a dimension of entertainment value...that exceeded our wildest expectations."


"I like your music of the robot very very much. I like the space music because it really sounds like space music and I like your music very very much."


"Your music is a wonderful realm of imagination and hope. I find it incredibly moving and perfect for my concentration in artmaking."


"You're very talented and wonderfully easy to work with. I always admire the great range of your styles. You perform the 'miracle' of creating perfect music for visuals you haven't even seen! I am always pleased to recommend you to others."


"The subtleties of your music and audio production really make a difference—transforming complicated passages into adventures for our visitors."


"Also striking is the opening piano piece in which pianist Mark Mercury dissolves the crowd into laugher just by playing 'The Entertainer' in his own special way."


"Your immediate grasp of my necessarily vague aesthetic wishes as well as your ability to cope with our somewhat atypical practical requirements was most gratifying."