Message to Animation Fans

To all fans of:

Angel, Captain Future, Captain Harlock, Candy, Candy, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Young King Arthur, Les Miserables, Don Quixote and the Tales of La Mancha, Peter Cottontail, or any other animated series or feature mentioned on this website and produced by Ziv International:

I receive many requests for copies of the soundtracks to the shows mentioned above. I am sorry, but I cannot help you in any way. I have no copies of the soundtracks, and I don't know who does. I have tried to locate the company that owns the music, but I have had no luck. Even if I did have copies of the music, I could not legally sell or make you a copy.

If you would like to add your e-mail address to a mailing list, please do so by clicking here, but I will not respond personally to your e-mail. Maybe one day I will locate the owners of the music, and I can pass your name on to them.

Thank you for your interest in the music.