Looking for pre-recorded music for your productions?
Mark Mercury's music is available through the following:


Imagem Production Music/Abaco Music Library

Imagem offers a wide range of quality production music. Twenty-four of Mark's compositions/recordings, created exclusively for Imagem and Abaco, are featured on the three CDs below.

To listen to all versions or to license the music, go to the Imagem Production Music search engine, search by track title, for "Mark Mercury," or by CD title in the "Creative Search" field.

"Beds and atmospheres with movement, groove, and progression. Perfect for corporate productions, and science, technology, and wildlife programming."

"Music underscoring the beauty and wonder of space, the sophistication of new technologies, the boundless potential of human and artificial intelligence."

DRONES & BEYOND (Abaco CD# 129)
"Drones and ambient textures for dramatic, scary, sad situations and the wonder and infinity of space."

Listen to some of the tracks here:



Expressive music textures, drones and ambient underscores encompassing drama, tension, horror, romance, nature and the infinite wonders of high technology.

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Planetarium Music Library

Mark Mercury's four-CD music library based on his soundtracks for planetarium programs. Contact Mark for the latest information on availability and licensing. See the Track Lists.